The official COVID-19 death rate in the US is approaching the grim milestone of 1 million, while the excess-death rate is 1,118,540. The World Health Organization reports that the global number of excess deaths between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021 was approximately 14.9 million (ranging from 13.3 million to 16.6 million). 

As of 5 pm EST on May 4, 2022, the mortality statistics branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics is reporting 996,696 COVID – 19 deaths in the US. At least 90% of these deaths list COVID as the primary cause of death on the death certificate, and COVID – 19 was listed as a contributing factor on the remaining certificates. The actual number of deaths in the US may be higher. In the US, the cause of death is usually determined by the reason listed on the death certificate. Officials from several agencies, including the CDC, believe that the number of deaths in the US may have been undercounted because of inaccurate death certificates. Using the excess-deaths figure model, the US surpassed 1 million deaths in February of 2022. The current number of excess deaths reported by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics is 1,118,540. The Center provides tabulated data on provisional death counts for COVID-19, by week and state which may be accessed here.

The WHO numbers are also reported as “excess mortality” which is calculated as the difference between the number of deaths that have occurred and the number that would be expected in the absence of the pandemic based on data from earlier years. The calculations of the excess death numbers include deaths that are associated with COVID-19 directly (caused by the disease) or indirectly (caused by the pandemic’s impact on health systems and society). The later, deaths linked indirectly to COVID-19, may be attributable to other health conditions for which people were unable to access prevention and treatment because of the pandemic. Deaths averted during the pandemic due to lower risks of certain events, like motor-vehicle accidents or occupational injuries also affect the WHO calculation of excess deaths. The World Health Organization Covid – 19 data may be found here.